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Profile: Oma Kassim


Oma is an architecture major from Long Island, NY.

Class of 2015

Oma Kassim, a fifth year architecture student from Long Island, New York, had an idea. She and her friend Sung-Ho Youn wanted to take some of her illustrations and design work and apply them to glassware. “We had a funny idea of taking a cat and doing a bunch of different little illustrations of cat drinking coffee and drinking water and then have that engraved on a bottle and used as something else,” Oma says. “Just seeing my drawings be turned into something you can hold and look at and use everyday is pretty fun.”

Oma begins by making a few brief sketches in her notebook. Then, she continues working on her illustrations in Adobe Photoshop, using a Wacom tablet. She finalizes her work in Adobe Illustrator, and from there the file is sent to the Makerspace’s Laser Engraver.

“The makers space is a really fun place to be right now. I just really love working with all the people here…I feel like I would never have come up with these idea on my own, so working with everyone has helped a lot.”

Check out some of Oma’s illustrations at


Glassware designed by Oma using the resources at the SU Makerspace

Wine glasses designed by Oma.



Oma with her glassware.


Details of a coffee carrier designed by Oma.


Cats are a good source of inspiration for Oma.